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Obviously, if there’s a newspaper on the porch, it must be retrieved. Here Cooper drops the paper at Patrice’s feet (with a little persuasion).

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Coop hadn’t liked his bath from earlier in the morning, but he loved playing in the hose as Patrice washed his way-too-big crate out for him.

That crate has served us well for over 22 years and two previous puppies.

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Easter 2007

Cooper, Mowgli, and Maggie come home

Cooper, Mowgli, and Maggie come home

Three puppies came home to the Pacific Northwest: Cooper came to Russ and Patrice, Mowgli to Tammy, and Maggie to Amy. Here the 7 week old puppies have just gotten a bath and are ready to go their separate ways.

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Our little Blue Boy is almost home! Here he is at 7 weeks:


*Note: We actually received this picture on 4/17/2014, but it fits here in the chronology, so that’s where I’ve added it.

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