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All ten pups, one day old. We didn’t know about the pups, the mother, or the breeder.

puppies_whelp_nova-11But we had met some great folks in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in December 2006 and some more at the Portland Rose City Classic in January 2007. They helped us decide that an Irish Water Spaniel was for us. And behind the scenes, they helped us find one: the little boy with the blue ribbon around his neck.

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balloo-gets-air_1-12We chose the IWS because we liked the IWS people we met at the Rose City Classic Dog Show in 2007.

Among the great folks showing IWS, we met Tammy and her male Irish Water Spaniel, Balloo.

Balloo pre-jumpThey are from the Seattle area, a regional hot bed of devoted IWS breeders and owners.

Balloo is less than 60 lbs., but he’s a coiled spring, as attested by his dock-diving prowess of 21 feet. His genes and temperament sure provide Cooper with a lot of potential.

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Nova "stacked"Rosemary Sexton of Minnesota has a true champion with Nova. In the world of bird dogs, she is a Master Hunter, one of a handful of Irish Water Spaniels to reach to the top tier. She was cover-girl of “Bird Dog and Retriever News” (July, 07), shown along with a couple of deceased ducks. It is good to not to forget that this breed is a sporting dog and has the energy, drive, instincts, and smarts to bring home the goods from a hunting trip.

Nova on the cover of Bird Dog NewsWe were referred to Rosemary by Amy Loewen, who knew there was a Nova litter “on the ground” and that there may be a puppy available. The details that resulted can be followed in the Dog Blog.

Again, we can only hope that Cooper’s genetics and breeding will put him on a level that matches his parents.

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Cooper comes with quite a bit genetic potential as expressed by his parents, Balloo and Nova. The next posts will give a brief overview of his immediate heritage.

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In emails back and forth, we have assured the breeder, Rosemary Sexton, that we know about dogs — have raised puppies and house trained them, played with them, worked with them, and groomed them.

We’ve decided we want a water dog. A dog who is a size down from our previous dogs: a Malamute, a German Shepherd-mix, and a Chow-mix. A dog who will go for walks and hikes, and who will go with us on our boat.

We’ve met the local “Irish Water Spaniel people,” and they seem to like us well enough. Emails and phone calls have sped back and forth, questions and answers, and now everyone seems satisfied.

So Rosemary has agreed to send us our first IWS. We will name him Realta Rosario Cooper. Realta for the breeder; Rosario for Valentine’s Day (the puppy’s birthday) and the resort where Russ and I met; and Cooper because we want a “K” sound to start our pup’s call name.

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