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Tammy and Jayme brought Cooper from the Academy of Canine Behavior, so he could be shown in the Rose City Classic. Tammy, bless her, went to all the work to take care of him during the four days of the show, groom him, and try to rein in his enthusiastically distracted behavior. The top picture shows Tammy with Mowgli, Cooper’s somewhat calmer litter mate, and Jamie showing Cooper.

Cooper’s a very handsome dog, but he just doesn’t behave himself in the ring. He spins around, jumps, looks wildly around at everything going on around him, and generally has no focus at all. Tammy comforted me by saying that they wouldn’t normally show a dog who’s had only two weeks at the Academy, but that Cooper was too good looking to resist.

The chaos of 3,500 dogs and more than 6,000 people was just too much for him. We were lucky to get this one (somewhat deceptive) picture of him being relaxed (after Tammy spoke to him) for a few minutes up on the grooming table.

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Today all of us were rescued. On New Year’s Eve, Russ went into the hospital and I was frantic — I couldn’t take care of Russ and Cooper at the same time.

So Tammy came to save us by taking Cooper up to the Academy of Canine Behavior for a 5-week board and train program. They will keep him and give him the training he so badly needs, and I can concentrate on Russ.

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