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Poop in Boise

The theme of my winter in Boise appears to be dog poop. This showed up in my Nextdoor feed today:


I wonder if many people in Boise just don’t pick up their dogs’ poop. I pick up after mine, but I did notice, while enjoying the leash-free access to many parks this winter, that many folks decided to enjoy theirs by ignoring the fact that their dogs pooped during their visit.


And the previous owners of my new house apparently didn’t pick up after their dogs all winter, either. Admittedly, it snowed a lot this winter, and a certain number of piles are bound to have been missed no matter how diligent a person might be.

But I did keep a record on Facebook of my experience of getting the new house move-in ready:





But maybe I’m being too hard on my fellow dog owners. It looks like a bunch of them have come to the same conclusion I did, which is: It’s time to get that poop picked up.


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Where we’ve been

It’s not like we’ve totally fallen off the face of the earth. Once Russ returned from a job in Portland a couple of weeks ago, we got back to doing the stuff with dogs we’ve been doing.

Like taking them to the park.

Watching Tooey keep Carlin’s ball away from him.

And just generally hanging out.

In the last 5 weeks since I wrote last, I’ve also taken Carlin tracking four times and retriever training twice.


photo by John Arrington

Tooey and Carlin have each gotten brushed and combed out twice (not weekly as I should), nails shortened (but not short enough, based on the fact that they’re still clicking when they walk on the hardwood), ears cleaned (oh, they love that), and faces trimmed (note the lack of baths).

But it could definitely look like I’ve quit the blog. Five weeks is a long time to be away. I think it’s the longest I’ve gone since a 2-month hiatus early on in Cooper’s puppyhood.

But honestly, I’ve been busy. We’re moving house again, first from a modest size house in Portland, to a tiny duplex in Boise, to a much larger property in west Boise. Finally, the dogs will have room to run around, and Russ will get his shop and studio space.

Once we get settled in, can locate our clothes, found places to put most of the stuff away, and gotten rid of the boxes, I’ll post photos of us in front of our new house (and the sheep that live next door).

Hopefully that won’t take 5 weeks.

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