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I can’t say much about this show since I wasn’t at the Portland Expo Center on the one day when Cooper got points in this year’s Rose City Classic. Jayme made him beautiful (she’s got real talent) and showed him in the Open dogs class. He won Winner’s Dog, so he went on to the Best of Winners competition.

That was held in conjunction with the Best of Breed competition, in which Jayme showed her husband’s dog, Orion. I never did catch the name of the woman who showed Cooper, where he won Best of Winners. (If anyone out there knows who she was, I’d love to hear so I can thank her.) Cooper finished the day with another 2 points.

Sadly, Rose City this year wasn’t a major. To become a champion, a dog has to win 2 majors, which are competitions in which more dogs compete — how many dogs are required for a major is determined by the AKC by region. Oregon is in Division 8, which currently requires at least 8 dogs for a 3-point major for IWS.

Later in the weekend, Cooper won Reserve Winner’s Dog. Nice, but pointless (so to speak).

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cooper-with-JaymeCooper didn’t do nada in Puyallup, Washington, this year. He got 3rd on Saturday and 2nd on Sunday, which isn’t bad, but there are no points for 3rd or 2nd.

Jayme said he behaved well, and in this picture you can see that he’s “stacking” nicely. (What the judge can’t see is Jayme’s Vulcan death grip on Cooper’s ear.)

But, his leg fur is too short, and who knows what else the judge was looking for that some other dog had more of? Cooper had some stiff competition, so we can’t feel too bad about it.

We just have to think of it as warming up for the Rose City Classic in Portland next weekend.

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010109_0091-copyI am very fortunate to be married to a photographer and to have a dog who loves having his photograph taken. He’s very patient, mostly I think because he gets to be the center of attention. But every once in awhile the photographer is himself the subject.

The photo below was taken by Paul T., in whose photo studio these photos were taken.


Two very attractive guys, yes?

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