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On the puppy dock

Off the puppy dock

Off the puppy dock

Grabbing the bumper

Grabbing the bumper

Dock diving looks fun. In theory: I mean, what’s not to love? There’s water, toys, other dogs. And Daddy (Balloo) is a champion dock diver — he’s gotten 21′ jumps off the dock.

Coop had a great time on the puppy dock, which is about 1’ high off the water. He has to be shown that the idea is to jump off the dock, not go from the dock to the ground next to it, and then into the water. But he did get the point eventually.


Falling off the big dock

The big dog dock was another matter entirely. Cooper kind of fell off the 2’ high dock the 1st time, and couldn’t be persuaded to jump off the end again. We got lots of help, suggestions, and sympathy. One other owner told us it took about a year for the switch in her dog’s head to get turned on, so we’ll just keep trying.

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