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Today the puppies got their first real food. Needless to say (Colleen said), they thought this was a grand idea. Tooey enjoyed the cleaning up after them.


All eight puppies crowd around the food bowl


Yum! (Foot for scale)


Ms. Yellow climbing over Mr. White to get another big morsel

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I am not an expert on this topic. This is only my second litter, and I’m not the main point person for puppy buyers — Colleen’s been doing that, having way more experience than I.

But I’ve been listening to what people have been saying about wanting an IWS puppy:

  • The best all-round comment so far was a mom replying to her child, who said she wanted Ms. Lavender: “We want the best dog for our family, not the one with the prettiest rick-rack.”
  • One person wants an “IWD”. I had to think about that one, but then, oh! I realized she meant Irish Water Dog.
  • A fellow who wants a “top show prospect”.
  • Several people who had IWS before and want that experience again.
  • Some who have an IWS now and want another one.
  • A fellow who has had other gundog breeds, and remembers meeting an IWS that loved to plunge into icy waters to retrieve ducks.
  • Some who remember a friend’s or relative’s IWS from childhood.

I haven’t heard yet of anyone wanting a performance dog or a hunting dog. I hope that comes.

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Colleen reports that the pups all got their real dog collars today.

Ms Pink was first to pass the 4-pound mark yesterday, and today, I hear that many are already over four pounds.


The lucky puppies also got their first dose of worm medicine.

All this and they will be only three weeks tomorrow!

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Already the pups are walking (actually, kind of lurching) around. Not to be outdone by Mr. Green, who was first out of the whelping box last week, this week Ms. Yellow was first to make it out the dog door and to the outside. The whelping box is gone — I mean what’s the point? Mr. Green or Ms. Yellow would just show everyone the way out. But the dog door is now blocked so Tooey can get out, but not the puppies — they are still too young to be outside.

All have their eyes and ears are open, and baby teeth are making white dents in the puppies’ gums. Ms. Pink has made it past the 4 lb. mark at 4 lbs, 1 oz. All the others are well over 3 lbs. and some, except for Ms Yellow, at 2 lbs, 15 oz. Green has two distinct curls in his coat — one by his left rear hip, and the other by his left shoulder.

Mr. White and and Ms. Pink are content to be held. Mr. Blue and Mr. Green want to get down when I pick them up, though Mr. Red will let me hold him for awhile before wriggling. Mr. Teal will push anyone out of the way if another puppy is at the teat he wants. Ms. Lavender found my sandal, and tried pulling on it. All are peeing on their own, and except for once (that I saw), they’ve all figured out to pee at least 6 inches away from their mat.

Anyway, here are some pictures from Saturday, July 27:


Tooey feeding hungry pups


Mr. Blue


Mr. Red


Ms. Pink


Ms. Yellow


Mr. Green


Mr. Teal


Ms. Lavender


Mr. White

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A re-energized Tooey, thankful that someone has finally clipped the sharp puppy toenails!


Pile o’ puppies


Teal hanging on


Mr Blue (thought sucking my foot was a tasty idea)


Mr Red (he gets his without being pushy about it)


Ms Pink (only one to stay calm for her nail clipping)


Ms Yellow (like to sleep under the box rail or under the fleece)


Mr Green (1st to open eyes, 1st to get out of the box)


Mr Teal (perseveres — see picture above)


Ms Lavender (the big strong one of the girls)


Mr White (likes to sleep on his back)

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I’m sure Russ and Cooper miss Tooey and I on those weekends when I go see the puppies, but there are consolations.

Irish Water Spaniel

Scotch, cigar, and Cooper on the deck

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Squirmy fat puppies wouldn’t Stay (I guess they need more training), so some of the pictures are a bit out of focus. But here are the proud mama and the Tooey x JJ puppies at 4 days.


A tired but proud Tooey with her new short, sporty hairdo


Mr. Blue


Mr. Red


Ms. Pink


Ms. Yellow


Mr. Green


Mr. Teal


Ms. Lavender


Mr. White

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