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Today in Portland we’re finally getting some pre-winter weather beyond the usual rain and cold. The temperature has been heading downward steadily since this morning, when it started at 32 degrees, with lightly falling snow.

It’s not really a blizzard. But for Portlanders, it has the same effect as a blizzard. Some snow, a little ice, and everything comes to a standstill.

Not that Cooper would notice. This afternoon, he happily chased bumpers in the snow, gathering snow balls in his ears, muzzle, and feet.  We think this was his first snow — although he could have seen some before, perhaps when just a few weeks old, in Minnesota.

It was only later in the afternoon, on our 2nd daily walk, when the wind came up, that he noticed anything odd. It was the sounds mostly, of the wind gusting through the trees loud enough to suddenly imitate a busy freeway, window shades flapping and banging against houses, people scraping their car windows, tetherball chains clanking against their cold, metal poles, and inflatable Christmas figures, gyrating in the wind. Each sound must be barked at and then investigated in that IWS pose: neck and body elongated, legs poised to run, and the nose out forward just enough to investigate the potentially dangerous new thing.

Probably now, we’ll stay in awhile, listen to the wind, and watch Cooper’s fur grow. It needs to get a bit more length, so he’ll be “beautiful” again for next month’s shows at Puyallup and Portland.

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