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Russ has been working with Carlin and a place board. The concept is that you place on the ground a low box with defined edges, called a place board, and that whenever the pup has all four feet on the board, rewards rain from the sky.

Carlin loves this game (at least with few distractions and short duration), and he’s happy to run to the board and sit or down on it whenever Russ gets it out.


But eventually, the game must end. A couple of days ago, Russ put the board up, but Carlin wasn’t quite done experimenting with what interactions with the box might win him more treats.


When Russ sent me the picture, it reminded me of Ruth Bernhard’s “Nude in a Box”.


Not quite the same. Bernhard’s nude was a girl. Wonder what kind of treats she was getting…

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I had been at work a few hours on Carlin’s 2nd day at home, and wanted to know how the puppy was doing. So I did what 21st century people do — I texted Russ.

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Introducing Carlin (yes, as in George), aka Realta’s Carlin O’Whistlestop, born March 1, 2014.

Here he is at 8 weeks. We’ll be sure to post more pictures of him as he grows and matures (I use that word advisadly. He is, after all, a male IWS!)


He’s the former Mr. Dark Green, son of Emmy (CH Realta’s One Tough Cookie CD RN SH) by Harry (CH Whistle Stop’s Repeat the Magic CD RN SH).


Both parents are AKC All-Around IWS, and both parents are (retriever) Senior Hunters. We hope for great things from this little guy!

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Chris came down to see the puppies, planning to take home a Faethe x Joey puppy. She has Joey’s brother, so a Joey puppy would make a nice symmetry.

And while she liked the Joey puppy, she was just won over by Ms. Yellow, the last (but not least) Tooey x JJ puppy to go home. But the Joey family connection is still there, since Joey is Ms. Yellow’s grandsire (JJ’s sire).


Fortunately, Chris is friends with the owner of another Tooey puppy, Pax (Mr. Red from Tooey’s first litter). So they will be able to share the joys and challenges of having an IWS from the same mom.

And it looks like Chris’ house comes with ready-made company, a mini-wire Dachshund, Mike. They’ll be about the same size for only a little while, and then watch out!


That makes three Tooey puppies in Canada — Pax from the Tooey x Cork litter, and Ivy (Ms Lavender) and Ms Yellow from the Tooey x JJ litter. With the Sorcha (the first Ms Yellow) in Australia, that makes Tooey a real international producer.

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Today the puppies got their first real food. Needless to say (Colleen said), they thought this was a grand idea. Tooey enjoyed the cleaning up after them.


All eight puppies crowd around the food bowl


Yum! (Foot for scale)


Ms. Yellow climbing over Mr. White to get another big morsel

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Had I been willing to stand outside in the freezing air last night, I might have wished upon a star that Tooey would do as well or better today than yesterday.

Turns out that wishing on said star was not necessary. She did it again, and even better. At today’s Greater Clark County Kennel Club show, Tooey took Winners Bitch and then Best of Winners. All that means that Tooey was judged the best not-yet-champion Irish Water Spaniel in the show*.

Tooey likes being in the show ring. I talk to her the whole time, which she likes. And I have treats in my pocket, which she really likes.

Since she won Winners Bitch both days, and since there were 5 other bitches to compete against both days, she won two “majors.”

Majors aren’t that easy to get. In Division 8, where I live, there have to be 6 bitches competing for Winners Bitch to get a major. (It’s 9 for dogs — even harder to get.) To get a championship, a dog or bitch needs two majors and 15 points.

Tooey has her two majors and 7 points. Now she can get the other 8 points at shows that aren’t necessarily majors. (You can read about the whole points thing at the AKC website.)

Thanks again to Stacy for grooming Tooey before today’s show. She looked wonderful.

* This is not Best of Breed. Dogs and bitches who are already champions can compete in the Best of Breed competition, along with the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch, who are not yet champions.

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Tooey, the puppy girl, took Winner’s Bitch at the Greater Clark County Kennel Club dog show. This makes her the top not-yet-champion girl Irish Water Spaniel in the show.

And on top of that, she took Winner’s Bitch over the other 5 bitches in the show. That’s wonderful for a couple of reasons:

  • Because she won over enough other bitches, Tooey won a 3 point major. In shows where there are fewer competitors, the winner might get only 1 point. And to win a championship, the dog (or bitch) must have won 15 points, with at least two majors. So Tooey is on her way.
  • Tooey’s a puppy. The other bitches competing were all older dogs. For an immature puppy to win out over more mature, developed, and experienced dogs is a real compliment to the puppy.
  • She won a stunning plaque from the Irish Water Spaniel Club of America. Because this was a supported entry by the IWSCA, the club supplied trophies for the winners. (The trophies were made by Jack McDaniel.)

Below is a picture of Tooey “stacked.” It’s a side view, with her front legs straight up and down, and her back legs angled back. This position is supposed to show something about the dog’s structure, but I’ve never really understood what. I suppose I’ll learn someday.

Thanks to Stacy and Tammy for grooming Tooey. Stacy will work on Tooey some more tomorrow, so let’s hope Tooey does as well (or better!) in tomorrow’s show.

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