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Often email contains stuff you just don’t want to read until you have to. But not today. Today, I received my e-copy of Rat Tails, the Irish Water Spaniel Club of America’s newsletter. Opening that email was a special delight because it features Russ’s photography and includes my article.

It’s fun to see one’s work in print! And I get to tell Cooper and Tooey that once again, they are famous. First the Tooey graced the center spread of the June 2013 issue of Gun Dog Magazine, and now Cooper is featured on the cover of Rat Tails!

Click the image below to open a PDF that includes the full size cover and my article:

Rat_Tails _Sept-Oct_cover


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What does one do with a scrumptious collection of fresh pheasants provided by a dedicated gundog?

How about Pheasant and Chanterelle Mushroom Curry? The mushrooms were picked from the Oregon forests in October, dehydrated and stored. The pheasant is from Wednesday. Combined with coconut milk, curry paste, cilantro, and a side of  cornbread, we have a great winters feast thanks to Ms Tooey and Scarlett.

Tooey, admiring her bounties at the dining table

Tooey, admiring her bounties at the dining table

Another favorite dish that will be assembled in a few weeks is smoked pheasant tamales. I will make a few dozen and we will be savoring these for some time. While food is not the only reason I hunt with my dogs, eating what we bring home is a requisite and wonderful benefit.

If you have never tried fresh game and wild produce, you should try to have this culinary experience at least once. It is ultimately more humane and healthy (for you and the bird) than eating one of the 7 billion chickens raised in confined captivity and slaughtered every year only to be chewed on mindlessly while watching other people exercise on the television.

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