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Russ showed Carlin in his first two conformation shows this last weekend at the Vancouver Kennel Club shows. They’re both newbies, but they both did a great job. Carlin, especially, had a good time. And he’s did pretty well, letting the judge examine him and mostly not bouncing on his way around the ring.

See for yourself.

Here they are in the Best of Breed ring on Saturday:

And here they are on Sunday, first in the Puppy 6 to 9 month class:

And again in the Best of Breed ring:

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Tooey and I went into the ring at the Vancouver Kennel Club show today, and did amazingly well. In fact, this 10 month old puppy won Best of Breed. (With a little help from me and my very generous friends.)

Having won Best of Breed, Tooey and I also competed for a placement in the Sporting Group. We had no expectations, except to get some experience and hopefully have a good time.

Patrice and Tooey in the Sporting Group ring

Patrice and Tooey in the Sporting Group ring

And that was good — because that’s exactly what we got — I got experience and Tooey had a good time. She even nuzzled up to the handler of the German Wirehaired Pointer behind us, asked for a cookie, and got one.

So, thank you to Colleen for amazing grooming help, to Tammy for grooming and showing tips and moral support, to Tom and Jill for bringing some other IWS to compete with, and to Colleen and Judith for letting us have this delightful little girl.

Tooey and I got to thank each other a bit more personally after we got home. Take a look:


Thank you, Tooey

Thank you, Trice

Thank you, Trice

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Especially when it’s just a week before a dog show. But puppies don’t necessarily know exactly where their faces (and other body parts) are in space. Or, at least, this puppy didn’t.

Tooey's face

Tooey and Russ were in the back yard, playing fetch, when Tooey returned to Russ with this injury just under her eye. She’d run into something. Not sure what it was. Could have been the corner of the deck. Could have been a rogue branch sticking out from the rhododendron bush. Could have been any number of things.

Fortunately, it looks like just an abrasion. We cleaned it up and have some ointment we’re putting on it twice a day. It’s already looking better.

Hope the judges overlook it next weekend at the Vancouver Kennel Club show next weekend.

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