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It was sunny when we got there, but threatening hail as we packed up to go. But in the hour and a half that we were at the quarry pond, after a somewhat rocky start, Carlin did his best to make us proud.

We started off with a 80-yard water mark that landed just up the bank in the dirt. Carlin leapt into the water from the pond shoreline, swam over there, went up on the land, and brought the bird right back toward Russ, only to drop it several times on the shore. Once at the shoreline. Once again behind Russ’s feet, and again at his side. Eventually he picked it up and delivered it, though.

Then as Russ and Carlin walked back off the line, our friend planted another bird very near where the mark had been. Russ lined Carlin up and sent him, and halleluia! Carlin went straight out. No veering off to the right as he has been prone to do. (We’ve been working on it in the yard, so maybe those drills clicked in today.)

Our friend then planted another blind, as Russ and Carlin again turned to walk away again. This one a touch farther away, on the shore of a different nook of the pond, 85-ish yards away, and only about 30 degrees off from the first blind.

Russ lined him up, waited till Carlin’s nose was pointed the right way, and then sent him. And Yay! for Carlin, he went straight again. No veering off this time either. No returning to the site of the first blind. And this time, he delivered the bird to hand with no goofing off. Such a nice job. Cheering was heard from both sides of the pond.

Then we put Carlin up while we threw a series of double marks for our friend’s dog and a couple of single marks for Tooey. (Tooey was in a mood to goof off, although she did finally retrieve the bumper both times.)

We’d gotten what we wanted and were packing up the car and chatting. We were up on a ridge, looking at another section of the pond when Russ said something like, “You know, that patch of cattails looks pretty interesting over there. Why don’t we try a long mark for Carlin.”

Now, I can be a worrier. Carlin had done such a nice job on his water blinds. I wanted to end on a success. I looked at that 150-yard distance out to the cattails, and worried that Carlin would fail. Friend said, “You’ll never know unless you try.”

So she waded out there (at one point, getting soaked up to mid-thigh), and got ready to throw a long mark for Carlin. You can kind of see her as a vertical black dot on an island in the upper right third of the photo below.

Russ signaled for the bird, it went up and then down for a splash in the water (and Carlin stayed at Russ’s side!). Russ sent him, and off Carlin went. He ran down the hill and across the flat, jumped into the water, crossed the channel, swam to the island where our friend was standing, and then located the bumper off the the right. That’s him just reaching the bumper in the photo below. You can see the wake he left on his way from the island to the bumper.

His going out was not perfectly straight to the bumper, but then, bless his heart, he came straight back. Water, land (you can see him coming back at the near edge of the peninsula in the photo below), water, land, up the hill…

…for a nice delivery to hand. More cheering was heard. Good boy!

We could see that the sky was getting darker and the storm was coming in fast. So we finished packing up quickly and left the quarry pond in a hurry. Just as we pulled out of the gate onto the highway, the rain and hail brought the clouds down and reminded us that it’s not summer yet.


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After a morning’s sessions practicing water blinds with the newbie handler (me).


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