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Today we had the great good fortune to visit with Linda and one of Tooey’s puppies, Finn, the former Mr Green (Tooey x JJ). Finn is a delightful dog, very friendly and affectionate. Although… not with Tooey so much. He kept just barking at her until finally she showed her teeth and snapped at the air next to his face. Maybe kinda sorta like a mom would do with an unruly puppy.

Once that little bit of correction was in place, we were able to get a photo of Tooey and Finn together. And then, once Tooey was escorted to the car, we were able to get a shot of Finn himself.

Just for comparison, here’s a photo Linda sent us just over 4 years ago, just after getting Finn home.

Now, here are mother and son today.

And here’s the boy himself, years later.

I don’t think they look much alike, except for the widow’s peak at their foreheads, similarly shaped eyes, and their horizontal mutton chops (Tooey’s are currently clipped off). Their heads, coats, and body shape are quite different.

But Finn has something that Tooey doesn’t have. Something Tooey would dearly love to have. Finn has a cockatiel roommate. Whenever the bird chirped or squeaked (just like a squeaky toy), Tooey ran over to the bird’s cage and just stared at the bird, eyes shining. You could just see the speech bubble over her head: “A bird! They have a bird! Oh, I want a bird!”

Finally, we pulled ourselves away and drove home, us to be grateful to puppy people who invite us in for awhile, and Tooey to dream of birds.

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This weekend we were lucky. Professional photographer (and Dear Husband), Russ Dodd, took the following portraits of each of the Tooey x JJ pups.

2013-08-10 T-puppies024-blue

Mr. Blue

2013-08-10 T-puppies024-red

Mr. Red

2013-08-10 T-puppies025-pink

Ms. Pink

2013-08-10 T-puppies025-yellow

Ms. Yellow

2013-08-10 T-puppies024-green

Mr. Green

2013-08-10 T-puppies024-teal

Mr. Teal

2013-08-10 T-puppies024-white

Mr. White

2013-08-10 T-puppies025-40

Ms. Lavender

Some notes on these photos:

  • The puppies’ eyes are not green. They’re still blue, but since the photos were taken over lawn, their eyes are reflecting the green of the summer grass.
  • The pups had just had their first shave. Colleen had gotten out her very quiet portable clippers, and clipped their muzzles up to just under their ears. Some of them were happier than others with the whole idea. Mr. White expressed his opinion throughout the procedure, “Get this over with. I have other things to do.” Mr. Green was, “Oh, you want to clip my muzzle? OK.” Ms. Yellow was ready to move on to other fun after just a few seconds.
  • As in all the blog posts, I’ve put the pups’ pictures in birth order. I know some folks do this by sex, but since when do I necessarily do what other folks do?

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Such cuties, these Tooey puppies. But they didn’t stay very still, so even though I took lots of pictures of each puppy, I still didn’t get them all in focus. Wonder if the the iPhone 5 is better than the iPhone I have…

Anyway, here are today’s photos:


Mr. Blue


Mr. Red


Ms. Pink


Ms. Yellow


Mr. Green


Mr. Teal


Ms. Lavender


Mr. White

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The puppies are just over 3-1/2 weeks old. Soon I’ll post the somewhat more formal photos, but here are just a few candid shots that I liked.


A tired-looking Tooey doing the Lo-o-o-ng Sit, propped up by feeding puppies


Puppies eating puppy food, 4 to a bowl


Brave puppies exploring the tunnel


Mom and Mr Green, napping

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Today the puppies got their first real food. Needless to say (Colleen said), they thought this was a grand idea. Tooey enjoyed the cleaning up after them.


All eight puppies crowd around the food bowl


Yum! (Foot for scale)


Ms. Yellow climbing over Mr. White to get another big morsel

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I am not an expert on this topic. This is only my second litter, and I’m not the main point person for puppy buyers — Colleen’s been doing that, having way more experience than I.

But I’ve been listening to what people have been saying about wanting an IWS puppy:

  • The best all-round comment so far was a mom replying to her child, who said she wanted Ms. Lavender: “We want the best dog for our family, not the one with the prettiest rick-rack.”
  • One person wants an “IWD”. I had to think about that one, but then, oh! I realized she meant Irish Water Dog.
  • A fellow who wants a “top show prospect”.
  • Several people who had IWS before and want that experience again.
  • Some who have an IWS now and want another one.
  • A fellow who has had other gundog breeds, and remembers meeting an IWS that loved to plunge into icy waters to retrieve ducks.
  • Some who remember a friend’s or relative’s IWS from childhood.

I haven’t heard yet of anyone wanting a performance dog or a hunting dog. I hope that comes.

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Colleen reports that the pups all got their real dog collars today.

Ms Pink was first to pass the 4-pound mark yesterday, and today, I hear that many are already over four pounds.


The lucky puppies also got their first dose of worm medicine.

All this and they will be only three weeks tomorrow!

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