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It’s amazing. Tooey’s puppies have gotten bigger! They reached six months of age on November 9th. Hard to believe that 6 months and more have gone by so fast.

I was thrilled to get relatively recent pictures of five of them:

Irish Water Spaniel

Whistle Stop’s He’s Breathing On Me “Foley” (Mr. Blue) at about 6.5 months

Foley is so beautiful — nice dark coat like his dad, and a face that looks like both Tooey and Cork. I hear he’s being a typical 6-month boy IWS — full of his own ideas and trying to get away with doing what feels good, based on all those hormones that are starting to run around (ahem!). I also hear that he is really enjoying beginning agility class, with the A-frame being his favorite so far.

Irish Water Spaniel

Whistle Stop’s Not Me, ‘Pax’ Did It “Pax” (Mr. Red) at about 5 months
photo by Penny Diamond

Pax has got that tendency to turn orange from the sun, just like his Mom. And that expression on his face? Just like Mom, too.

Irish Water Spaniel

Whistle Stop’s Bring It On “Bold” (Mr. Green) at just under 6.5 months

Bold was being shown at his first conformation dog show, at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club show on Nov 17. The quality of the picture isn’t beautiful because it was grabbed from a video. But isn’t that stack beautiful? Such attention and focus! Completely unlike parts of the rest of the video, which shows him bouncing around enjoying the whole process. But really, for his first time he did a great job, and so did his handler.

Irish Water Spaniel

Whistle Stop’s Is It My Turn Now? “Chica” (Ms. Pink) at about 6.5 months

Chica is going to handling class and doing well. Apparently, the phrase “my turn now” fits her perfectly. I hope she enjoys showing her stuff in the conformation ring. Getting points too would be a delightful bonus.

Irish Water Spaniel

Whistle Stop’s I Know Who Did It “Kwest” (Mr. White) at about 6 months

Kwest recently finished a few weeks of training at the Academy of Canine Behavior, learning to control those hormonal impulses and behave politely. All reports are that he’s a very sweet boy.

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Orange has found his Someone. Or rather, his Someones. David and Shirley came this evening to pick up my sweet Orange and take him home with them.

David, Orange, and Shirley

I was reassured to meet them both this past weekend, and watch them interact with Orange. And then just a day or so later, Shirley texted me, saying they were thrilled with him. I know what they mean. I would be thrilled with him, too.

In a parallel universe, Orange is my dog. But in this one, he’s Shirley and David’s. I hope he turns out to be every bit the heart dog and companion for them as I would hope he’d be for me.

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Purple went home today with his new people, Susan and Denny. They took the opportunity to really spend some time with him yesterday, and they decided that they wanted him.

Lucky Purple! His new people live in Seattle at a house with beach rights. If Purple has inherited his mother’s adoration of water and swimming, he should be one happy boy.

Mr. Purple

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Here are Mr. White and Mark, just as they were ready to hit the road on the way home to Oregon:

Mr. White and Mark

Both Colleen and I met Mark at last January at the Rose City Classic in Portland. He was there looking at dogs and breeds, hoping to find a new companion. Made me smile — that’s where I met Irish Water Spaniels and their people for the first time, too. Maybe it’s a good omen.

Mark heard that there were plans to breed Tooey, so he had been keeping in touch and following the blog. Then he found the portrait of Mr. White that Russ took on June 2nd, and that was it. Mark liked the philosophical expression on Mr. White’s face, and so he wanted White. He came and visited the puppies a couple of weeks ago, held most of them, watched them play and gait in Colleen’s back driveway. After that and a chat with Colleen, he still wanted White.

By this time, Mr. White has probably reached his new home, in one of the quadrants of Portland, Oregon. It’s an auspicious day — July 4th — and with all those fireworks, it can be a scary one, too. But that’s like life, isn’t it? White has the benefit of being loved his whole life, and really wanted. Let’s hope it just gets better from here for Mark and Mr. White.

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I just got word that Kathy has landed safely at the airport with my first favorite puppy, Mr. Blue. He’s a sweet puppy with big feet, a curly head, and an even disposition. He’s brave without being reckless. Motivated to be with people, but not clingy. Interested in food and toys without being obsessed. A nice balanced dog.

Here’s a picture of Blue with Kathy taken on Sunday afternoon in Colleen’s back yard.

Kathy and Mr. Blue

I like Mr. Blue. In fact, I like him a lot. I liked him immediately when he was born. I don’t know why — maybe because he was first. Maybe because as a first-born myself, I feel a little kinship. Maybe it’s his crooked tail. I think that little crook in his tail just adds to his intrigue.

Blue is going to live near Chicago with his 4 people: Kathy, her husband, and their two boys. I’m sure he will keep them all on their toes and thinking of ways to keep him occupied and channel that sweet puppy energy. I hope he enriches their lives the same way that Cooper and Tooey have enriched mine.

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Pink and Red left this morning for their new homes in Canada. Both Pink and Red are opinionated dogs who like exploring and playing with toys. I’m sure they’re very eager for new adventures with their new families.

Pink confident on the wobble board

Red jumping through the ring


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