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I am not an expert on this topic. This is only my second litter, and I’m not the main point person for puppy buyers — Colleen’s been doing that, having way more experience than I.

But I’ve been listening to what people have been saying about wanting an IWS puppy:

  • The best all-round comment so far was a mom replying to her child, who said she wanted Ms. Lavender: “We want the best dog for our family, not the one with the prettiest rick-rack.”
  • One person wants an “IWD”. I had to think about that one, but then, oh! I realized she meant Irish Water Dog.
  • A fellow who wants a “top show prospect”.
  • Several people who had IWS before and want that experience again.
  • Some who have an IWS now and want another one.
  • A fellow who has had other gundog breeds, and remembers meeting an IWS that loved to plunge into icy waters to retrieve ducks.
  • Some who remember a friend’s or relative’s IWS from childhood.

I haven’t heard yet of anyone wanting a performance dog or a hunting dog. I hope that comes.

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