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While in Wales, we had a number of amazing and fun adventures: Caerphilly Castle, the Welsh Life museum, a tour and tasting at the Penderyn Distillery, the dog show, the field trial, a Joshua Bell and St. Martin in the Fields concert at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff, and sitting around the dinner table eating Sandie’s wonderful cooking and talking with our friends.

But I think of all of them, my favorite were the daily walks. Martyn has the very good fortune to live within 10 minutes of a wide variety of terrain where he can walk his dogs. Plus, he lives in dog heaven — rural land veined with foot paths, public right-of-ways that have existed for centuries, allowing the public access through private farms, pastures, woodlands, and even a quarry. Sometimes walkers have to crawl over fences and through gates, but the right of access still exists.

Martyn makes sure his 5 dogs go for a long walk twice a day. And while Russ and I were there, one or both of us went along each time. One day, Martyn and Sandie, plus three dogs, went to two beaches, which were about 45 minutes away, and well worth it (even during the fierce 10-minute downpour).

Here are some pictures from our walks:

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