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For almost the entire time we’ve had Cooper, we’ve been asked, “Is that a labradoodle?” We also get asked, “Is that some sort of poodle?” Sigh… No, we explain (more and more patiently as time goes on), it’s an Irish Water Spaniel.

These are such popular questions that another IWS owner has even created some T-shirts that say “Not a poodle or a doodle”.

But just in the last couple of weeks, the question has changed. Now it’s “Is that a Portuguese Water Dog?” or even, “Is that an Obama dog?”

Of course, Porties are very nice dogs. I even considered getting one. And I wish the very best to the new First Puppy and his people. But, these days, I’m glad I don’t own one.

It might be time to create a new T-shirt.

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