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At last year’s Northwest Pet & Companion Fair, Cooper refused to jump. NW Air Dogs had set up a pool and a dock for a charity event inside the Portland Expo Center. For quite awhile, Coop had been jumping into ponds and rivers from the bank, but he hadn’t jumped off a dock, and he certainly hadn’t jumped into a pool.

Human-made pools are strange. Everything’s all clear and blue. You can’t really see the bottom. So even if we admit that there is some water in there, there’s no way to tell how deep it is. Too deep? Too shallow? Who knows? Cooper decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and declined.

This year the light switched on. And Cooper jumped. Boy, did he jump. And jumped, and jumped, and jumped again. See for yourself:

At work, I’ve been writing recently about the importance of doing enough “pleasant activities” every day to keep one’s mood upbeat. This weekend, I overflowed with pleasant activities. The picture below shows how happy both Coop and I were after today’s dock diving. The ribbon is for a 14.5′ jump — 2nd place in the day’s friendly competition!

Hugs for a job well done!

Hugs for a job well done!

Thanks to my sweet husband for taking this bright, warm, sunny, perfect boat-building-weather morning off from working on the boat to come and take pictures!

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Well, it’s official. I’m a paid-up, tennis-ball carrying flyball team member. In fact, I picked up my team tee-shirt today.


Actually, I got two tee-shirts. This running around with the dogs can get a person all hot and sweaty. If Cooper actually gets to run in a tournament, I may need to change shirts.

He’s doing great on the box turns — mostly always hits the box with all four feet. He does well coming back to me (as well he should, since I’m running away from him as fast as I can so he’ll chase me).

He’s still not so hot at passing another dog. He wants to stop and play, or at least check the other dog out. Fortunately, the other dogs don’t give a rip about Cooper when they’re running — they just want to get the ball.

We’ll work on it. I have a lot of help.

The club is going to put on a demo the local Northwest Pet & Companion Fair at the Portland Expo Center on April 18th. We’ll see how we do in all the excitement. If you come to the fair on Saturday, look for the team in the bright orange shirts.

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