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Cooper and Tooey aren’t related at all closely. Back 5 generations, they don’t share any relatives. Except that they are both Irish Water Spaniels, they don’t look alike, they don’t act alike — no family resemblance at all. But now they are related “through marriage,” so to speak. They are an uncle and great-aunt to a litter of brand new Irish Water Spaniel babies.

Cooper’s half-sister Emmy (Nova is mother to both) is today the proud mom of 9 pups, 5 boys and 4 girls. And Tooey’s father, Woody, is the grandfather of Harry, the dad.

Both Emmy and Harry are Senior Hunters, and both are All-Around IWS, having a show championship, an obedience title, and a retriever hunt test title. And they’re both very nice dogs.

I’ve enjoyed knowing Emmy and Harry. Theirs should be wonderful pups. I hope to keep an eye on them as they grow and prosper.

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