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I am noticing some changes in the relationship between Cooper and Tooey. Don’t know if they’re permanent or temporary:

  • Last weekend at the beach, Tooey began to get to the retrieve object before Cooper. Prior to this, Cooper always, and I mean always, got to the stick, bumper, or ball first.
  • Tooey has been standing back and letting Cooper lick out the mixing bowl or pan, instead of crowding him out like she’s usually done in the past.
  • Since Tooey came back from her being-in-season at Colleen’s, she and Cooper have not been playing as much — no box turns off the couch and a lot less chasing each other around.

Not sure what’s going on.

  • Is it age? Cooper is 4.75 years, and Tooey is 2.75 years.
  • Did something happen with Tooey while she was away?
  • Is Cooper feeling unwell? I do think he’s having a skin reaction to the new food, so we’ll be switching back to the previous food.
  • Is Tooey feeling more self-confident and less need to be pushy?

We’ll just have to see how it goes.


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You know, I need to make a new “note to self.” Whenever I think I “know” something, I really ought to see that as a signal that I probably know w-a-a-a-y less than I thought.

This has happened so many times. In the case of Irish Water Spaniels, I know I wrote about this before, when we were planning to get Cooper. We’d had puppies before, trained them, house trained them, prevented them from chewing stuff they’re not supposed to chew, etc. So, getting an IWS puppy ought to be a piece of cake, right?


Now it’s : Oh, yeah, we’ve had two dogs before. Been there, done that, piece of pie.

Well, maybe.

Having two dogs is really different, and it’s only been less than 24 hours. Russ kept telling me we’ll figure it out, and yes, we WILL figure it out. Here are some of the things that require figuring:

  • What do do when you give the “table” command, and both dogs jump up on the small grooming table.
    (Tell one dog to lie down, then give the other dog the “Table” command. And hope the 1st dog obeys.)
  • What to do when it’s raining hard outside, it’s muddy, and both dogs push their way through the door and get into the carpeted living room before they even hear the “Feet” command — stop and get your feet wiped.
    (Tell both dogs to sit, let the one who sits first come in first, and block the doorway with your body should the 2nd dog choose to disobey. Or get a baby door. Or another person, or all of the above.)
  • How to give both dogs their evening walk.
    (Probably, let them both out into the back yard, then let them play for a bit to work off some steam, then crate one dog and take the other out, then switch.)
  • How to get a relatively calm good-morning cuddle.
    This is easy with one calm IWS. With two IWS, it’s a tornado. Maybe skip this ritual, or let one dog out of his/her crate, alternating mornings with one dog and then the other.

I’m sure other issues will come up. But I will say, Cooper and Tooey seem to really like each other. And they’re both so different in temperament, personality, looks, structure, everything. It’s real entertainment.

So far, we’re loving it.

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