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I did something today that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but didn’t have the conviction necessary to do it. Until today. This afternoon, I gave Carlin a very short “field dog” all over, including the topknot and ears. He looks like the other two did a month ago, and I hope he’s much more comfortable.


Russ with Tooey, Carlin, and Cooper in their field dog cuts.

Carlin has been dealing with some health issue. We’re still not sure exactly what is going on (and we’ve been through many vets trying to figure it out), but one of its manifestations is that he feels hot all the time.

He doesn’t have a temperature, but his breath is hot, his skin is hot, and pads of his feet are hot. He radiates heat. He pants much more than the the other two dogs, dries himself out panting, and then drinks a lot of water. He seeks out the coolest places he can find, like the bathroom tile floor and the dirt under the deck. And to top all that off, now in Portland, the weather is hot (in the upper 80s and lower 90s F).

Poor dog.

So, I today I took his coat down to about 3/4″ all over. All that lovely leg, topknot, and ear coat is gone. I feel relieved for him — I hope it helps him stay a bit cooler. And just touching him now, as he lies next to me as I write, his body does feel a bit cooler.

But for myself, I feel guilty. I feel like I’ve let down the people who helped me over many months shape his coat into something that would impress a judge in the conformation ring. Soon I’m going to have to call his conformation handler, who had promised to show him in the big shows in August, and tell him that Carlin won’t be able to show. And I can’t forget what a more experienced IWS person told me many years ago when I wanted to clip Cooper. She said, “You have a coated dog, and there are certain responsibilities that go along with that.” So in cutting Carlin down, it almost feels like I’m letting the whole Irish Water Spaniel breed down.

Which is ridiculous. Lots of people keep their IWS cut short, and they don’t feel guilty. There is no logical reason why I can’t do so, too.

True, it will take a long time to grow out his topknot, ears, and leg coat. He for sure won’t be ready for the August shows, and he may not even be grown out enough for the January 2016 shows. But that’s OK. It will grow eventually.

But even so, it appears that I’ve internalized some standard that is lovely in the ideal and necessary for a show dog, but just isn’t the best thing for Carlin right now. And somehow or another, I’ll just have to reconcile myself to what is right in front of me, right now. And do what I need to do to keep my dog as happy and comfortable as possible.


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My friend Kay was working hard to keep Carlin still on the grooming table. He was getting antsy and just couldn’t keep himself in a steady stand. Sit, twist, squirm, attempt to lie down, try to jump off, sit again, squirm, twist, anything but stand still.

That makes it tough for a person to practice giving a show groom to an Irish Water Spaniel. Admittedly, he’d been on the table for a while, and I could see he was bored and tired. Treats weren’t doing it. So while I was trying to figure out something that would help keep Carlin’s mind occupied, it came to me: practice holding birds.

So I got out a frozen chukar, which I just happened to have handy in my freezer, put it into Carlin’s mouth, and told him to Hold!

Huh... am I a show dog or a bird dog?

Huh… am I a show dog or a bird dog?

All of a sudden he stopped moving. You could see the wheels in his head grind to a slow stop: being groomed and holding birds do not belong together, so, ah, what is happening here? And as his mind slowed, so did his body. He quieted down, held the bird, and stayed still. He held the bird. He didn’t drop it, or squirm, or twist. He just held the bird.

Then he started whining. I could see a new thought bloom in that head of his: I want to jump off this table with the bird, and take it away somewhere. But I can’t! But I want to! But I can’t! Whine. So I told him to drop the bird. He had to think about that one. He wanted to keep it.

He’s thinking, Could I actually jump off the table with the bird? No. Darn it. OK. I guess I’d better give it up. But with all that thinking, he stayed still. Good boy!

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With the weather being a balmy 90 degrees, Patrice converted the back deck into a grooming spa for all three dogs.

A bath, blow dry, trim, and a pedicure for the fleet of pups.

Tooey admiring her nail trim

Tooey consulting on her foot trim

Carlin found his bath and blow dry strenuous enough that a nap was in order while he waiting in the queue for a nail trim.

Carlin, catching up on his sleep

Carlin says, “Wake me up when it’s my turn.”


Carlin, catching up on his sleep

Cooper relaxing after his turn

Surely a belly rub is included in the full spa treatment, is it not?

Ms Tooey, looking proud in her field cut

Ms Tooey, looking proud in her field cut

The three pups and their personal spa mistress.

The three clean pups and their personal spa mistress. Tooey, on the table, Carlin, in the lap, and Cooper, with one of his tennis balls

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