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We live in the city, but it’s still home to a reasonable amount of urban wildlife. Hundreds of squirrels, a few Coopers hawks (no relation), raccoons, and as Patrice reported last week, coyotes.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been noticing bark lying on the ground underneath our lilac and one of our Douglas fir trees. The trees did not have the usual incisor marks of a beaver as we see around a lot of the ponds where we train with Cooper. Instead, the lilac and fir bark was stripped away from the tree and just left on the ground.

After doing some surveillance from behind the window of the garage, I finally saw the bark-removal culprit in action. Miss Tooey. It turns out that her routine is to run out the back door, clear the fences and trees of all squirrels, and then promptly take a bite out of each tree in which the squirrel had been sitting. Possibly this could be her way of marking her territory unlike Cooper, who as a male, just lifts his leg.

The Douglas fir can tolerate a few more nips,

but the lilac is stressed. We will have to do something remedial with Miss Tooey in order to keep it alive.

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