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Yesterday evening, Colleen shaped Tooey’s former “rags in the wind” style into  a more refined look. You can actually see some movement and structure now under all that fur. (Thank you, Colleen.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures. While Colleen was wielding the scissors, I was feeding a steady stream of pinkie-fingernail sized treats into Tooey’s mouth. Tooey is not a big fan of the grooming table, so I’m using her favorite treat to try to convince her otherwise.

Actually, it’s not the table so much — it’s those dang combs, brushes, and scissors that always seem to appear when Tooey’s on the table. So, she gets this particular treat (Natural Balance beef dog food roll) only when she’s actually being brushed, combed, or scissored. Worked for Cooper and his pills.

Now, if I could only figure out a way to deliver treats at the same instant that I’m putting the ear cleaning solution into her ear…

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