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The Coopman was extra beautiful this weekend. He’s a great looking dog anyway, and the extra time that Jayme Nelson (shown in the photo at top) spent training, grooming, and showing him made him even more a real Pretty Boy.

In this year’s Specialty sponsored by the Irish Water Spaniel of Puget Sound, Cooper came in 4th (out of 10) in the Open dog class on Friday and 2nd in the same class on Saturday. Because he came in 2nd on Saturday, he was able to compete for Reserve Winners Dog. We were thrilled that he won that! He got a nice bowl (on our mantel) and ribbon (on our refrigerator), but no points.

I’ve wondered about the many places a dog can get that earns him an award or ribbon of some sort, but no points. To earn a Championship (aka to be “finished”), a dog has to earn 15 points, and many of those points must be earned in large competitions, like this specialty. But only very few animals actually earn any points per competition, so I think awards, ribbons, and various places are given to keep people interested in competing. Also, I suppose, it’s a way of keeping track of who is up-and-coming and which bitch might be bred to which dog.

Everyone told us that we should be very pleased with how well Cooper did, despite the lackage of points. That 4th and 2nd, against that many other dogs, is really good. (And yes, we’re the folks who have made the occasional comment or two about the sense of participating in dog shows…)


The picture above shows Rosemary Sexton, Cooper’s breeder, “stacking” Cooper. We were very happy to see her again, and glad that she could make the trip out West from Minnesota.

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