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What is not to like about a blog put together by someone who is passionate about:

  • Hunting dogs
  • Hunting dog photography
  • Teaching photography

And someone who is an expert in their passion and is very competent at explaining and sharing their knowledge, photos, and insights.

(I know, another great dog blog besides The Cooper Project)

Craig Koshyk is a Canadian photographer, educator, author, and probably the world’s foremost expert on pointing dogs. In addition to authoring an amazing reference book on Pointing Dogs, Craig also maintains a blog on the topic that is eye candy for those who can’t get enough about gun dogs.

Craig Koshyk with one of his remarkable Weimaraners

Craig Koshyk with one of his Weimaraners

Check out this remarkable blog: Pointing Dog Blog

Craig has hunted and photographed over more breeds of dogs than I even knew existed (before I read his book). Every page reveals information about the real world hunting abilities of dozens of breeds. Warning: if you have dog hoarding tendencies, Do Not Read this book.


I have recently had an email dialog with Craig about the hunting style of Irish Water Spaniels. He has been researching the origins of the Pont-Audemer Spaniel, which may have some IWS in its DNA. He noticed a video of Tooey doing her hesitation flush while pursuing pheasants and was curious about that specific tendency. Hopefully, next hunting season, we can venture to Manitoba with Tooey and Carlin, and let Craig hunt over yet one more breed of dog. Tooey would love to add another Canadian Provence to her bucket list as well.

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