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Often email contains stuff you just don’t want to read until you have to. But not today. Today, I received my e-copy of Rat Tails, the Irish Water Spaniel Club of America’s newsletter. Opening that email was a special delight because it features Russ’s photography and includes my article.

It’s fun to see one’s work in print! And I get to tell Cooper and Tooey that once again, they are famous. First the Tooey graced the center spread of the June 2013 issue of Gun Dog Magazine, and now Cooper is featured on the cover of Rat Tails!

Click the image below to open a PDF that includes the full size cover and my article:

Rat_Tails _Sept-Oct_cover


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While we are in the midst of the rainy season, I still planned a day of chasing pheasants, weather-be-damned. Cooper and I got lucky. The first day of Spring was delightful.

Photo by Norm Koshkarian

Photo by Norm Koshkarian

Between Norm and Scarlett, plus Cooper and myself, we managed to bring home 6 pheasants. And not to miss out on the nice weather, I promptly smoked the pheasants over hickory, pulled it from the bones, and added it to a curry with wild mushrooms and coconut milk. That and some cool porter in a glass is how we celebrate Spring.

pheasant blog

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Before our trip last week, I had never been hunting. But I had always thought — well, if I ever do go hunting, I will do it only if we eat whatever we kill. And unlike so many other of my pre-conceived notions, this one actually (mostly*) came true.

Even though Russ didn’t shoot a pheasant, we had pheasant for dinner tonight. Rod and Renae gave us the bird Rod shot on Tuesday. It had been cleanly shot through the head, and Rio brought it back with a very gentle mouth.

The night Rod shot that second pheasant, he cleaned it out on their back deck. Tooey was very interested in the whole proceedings, almost sticking her nose into the bird while Rod was working on it. Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures that evening, but tonight, Tooey was equally interested, and we did have a camera handy.

Tooey inspects the pheasant

Tooey inspects the pheasant

Russ, as usual did a beautiful job, and the braised pheasant with potatoes and vegetables was delicious and filling. Neither one of us could finish our plates. (Leftovers tomorrow!)


Russ browns the phesant before braising

Pheasant and vegetables, all ready to eat

Braised pheasant and roasted potatoes

* About the “mostly.” Russ did shoot a quail on the first day, which we’re not going to eat. Instead, we plan to use it to teach Cooper to fetch and hold quail, instead of spitting it out. According to Cooper, it doesn’t taste like duck.

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