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One of the happy consequences of going to the IWSCOPS Christmas party is that I got to see a couple of Tooey’s puppies. Luckily for me, Russ took pictures.

So here is Sorcha, the former Ms. Yellow, after an afternoon romping outside in the cool, damp Pacific Northwest.

Irish Water Spaniel

Whistle Stop’s Mine To Keep at Tirriki “Sorcha” (Ms. Yellow) at one day short of 7 months

Sorcha (pronounced Sir’-ka) had Tooey’s high forehead and eyes. Her people think she has a beautiful head and lovely movement.

I believe the movement part, being as how she’s Tooey’s daughter. Sorcha will be in her first conformation show next month, so we’ll all get to see for ourselves.

She’s also quite the athlete. At Sorcha’s house, dogs eat in their crates, and Sorcha’s crate is one level up, so to speak, stacked on top of another dog’s crate. Sorcha has taken to leaping up into her crate at a single bound. A real athlete, her people say. Probably she also loves her food, just like Mom.

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