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Ms. Lavender has been determined by her people Ron and Mary-Lynn to be, “Hands Down… the Best Pup!” They say that Ivy is a very sweet and affectionate dog, who works hard to please them.


Even so,  she’s a puppy, going through a chewing stage, so she has some toys and a puppy Kong to satisfy that urge to chew (when she’s not sleeping, that is).



Like several of the other puppies, it sounds like she’s doing a great job with her crate training. Except for the first night, they report that she hasn’t cried, and only wakes them up once during the night to be let outside.

Like Louie, Ivy now lives with people who have a shop, but it’ll be a few more weeks until they let her hang out there, until they think she’s ready to tolerate the noise and activity.

But maybe best of all, Ivy lives with a view of the water. If she’s anything like her mama, she will love the water.


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Louie (who was Mr. Teal when I last saw him) is now home with Donn and the other two dogs: Rio the IWS and Caesar the Standard Poodle.


Rio getting acquainted with puppy Louie

Louie apparently learns really fast when it come to food (so-o-o much like his mom Tooey). Donn reports that when he first used the band saw to cut up frozen tripe, Louie took off. But now he comes running when he hears the saw — that means it’s time for something good to eat!


Louie munching on a strip of tripe

Louie must be really comfortable around power tools now — right under the table saw seems like a good place to feel right at home and take a nap.


Time for a nap

Louie also takes to his crate with no problems, and he’s learning to play and get along with the other two dogs. Sometime this week, he may even get a chance to get into a puppy pool, since it’s going to be hot where he lives.

Louie is going to be a happy dog in his new home. Donn says that Tooey did a good job. That she did.

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Linda reported that Finn (f/k/a Mr. Green) got to her safely and that he seems to be enjoying his new home and toys!


Cosmo the poodle is not sure about Finn yet, but Cosmo is reportedly being a gentleman with the new puppy.

I am looking forward to more pictures in the future, which Linda says will follow when she can slow him down long enough to get them.

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Finnegan, the former Mr. Red, had quite a trip today. His plane landed on time, but then the poor puppy had to wait in his crate in the plane on the tarmac for more than an additional hour. Lightning kept the plane away from the gate, and Finnegan and Mary had to wait, wait, and wait some more to meet each other.

But once Finnegan and his people met, it was love at first sight.


Finnegan and Mary meet at the airport

After a nap, some play with a new ducky, some dinner, and some cuddling, it was time for another nap.


I think I’m going to like it here… snore…

I think he’s gonna love it there, too.

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Ms. Pink landed safely again in Missy’s arms today. Missy was right there to catch Pink when she was born, and she was right there to catch Pink again at the airport.

It’s not a great picture technically, having been taken with a cell phone in fluorescent airport lighting by a cargo clerk, but I think it shows clearly how happy they are to have found each other again.

20130905-194054.jpgWhen they got home, Autumn (f/k/a Ms. Pink) got her first chicken neck and a meeting with Missy’s other dogs. Latte the Poodle loves Autumn already, and Jade is adjusting. No word yet as to how Rugby, the boy IWS, feels about the new addition.

But I’m confident that Autumn will have a full and happy life ahead of her, in the show ring, the obedience ring, in therapy work, or whatever she and Missy decide to do. And I do fully expect that Autumn will make her opinions known as what she should do in life.

Some new photos from Sept. 8:



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Mr White is going to give his people a ride in life. They waited over a year to find their perfect puppy, and now, after just a couple of days, they say he’s just about made himself King of the house.

They’ll let him get away with this for a few days, they say, while they just enjoy him and try to decide on a name. Maverick? Liam? Rory?


This is his “adorable” look


This is his “I don’t know what got into me!” look

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Griffin (the former Mr. Blue) has a new family! He went home to a nice young family of three. I’m sure they will have the energy and love (and hopefully the patience!) to keep up with him.

Blue_Elise_Nicole_130830Nicole and her daughter have been coming over almost every weekend to watch the pups grow, observe their various qualities and quirks, and think about what they want in a dog.

Nicole endeared herself to me right away when she told her daughter, who had just expressed a preference for the puppy with a favorite color for a collar. “We want the best dog for our family,” she said, “not the one with the prettiest rickrack.”

Right on.

I’m sure Mr. Blue has found himself a great home, and I’ve very pleased for all of them.

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