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While Russ and Tooey are off on their first hunting trip of the year, Carlin and I are having a romp in the snow. (Well, Carlin is having a romp. I’m just trying to stay upright.)


I was totally not expecting snow this morning. I had gotten out all my gear to go field training with Carlin and a Field Spaniel friend. But when I woke up, I found a dusting of powdery snow, and a sky filled with fat flakes that fell for several more hours.

Having grown up and lived at West Coast sea level my whole life, I’ve never gotten comfortable with driving in snow. I avoid it except when absolutely necessary. So, no driving out to the training field today.

On the other hand, most other folks weren’t driving either, so I was able to take Carlin over to a side street, and let him run around off leash. And I did get a bit of training in. We worked on distance whistle sits and recalls. And Carlin did great, so we both had a rewarding tromp through the snow.


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